Why Incubator is Called BOD Incubator?

In microbiology, there are two types of incubator used for incubation purpose.
1.0 Bacteriological incubator
2.0 BOD incubator
Bacteriological incubator is used for the growth of bacteria and BOD incubator is used for the growth of fungus (yeast & molds) . So question comes in mind that why fungal incubator is called BOD incubator?
As we know full form of BOD is biological oxygen demand but the question is that what is the role of biological oxygen demand in incubator. Incubators only provide required temperature for the growth of microorganisms. So there is no relation of BOD with the incubator but instead of this it is called BOD incubator. The reason is that when we perform biological oxygen demand (BOD) testing it requires low temperature like 20-25 degree celsius and that BOD testing we perform in this incubator that’s why it is called BOD incubator.
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