Entry and Exit Procedure in Pharmaceuticals


Learn the Gowning and entry exit procedure through change rooms.

Color coding of uniform

For first change room

White                  –                          All staff (QC, QA, Production & office staff)

Brown                 –                          Engineering

Steel Gray           –                          Ware house

For visitors moss green and disposable garments.

For primary change room (Manufacturing, dispensing and sampling)

Sky blue Lint free       –            All personal and visitors except engineering department employee

Brown Lint free          –             Employees of engineering department

The pictorial diagram of gowning procedure and mirror should be displayed in change room.

First change room (male and female)

  1. Pull the door of First change room.
  2. Remove your street shoes and unwanted articles like wrist watch, mobile phone, ornaments/jewelry (chain, ring) and keep them in assigned lockers.
  3. Wear black clored socks and shoes are provided by factory daily.
  4. Take your protective garments like apron, cap from the lockers and wear them are provided by factory Monday or Tuesday or earlier if required.
  5. Through mirror check out your proper gowning.
  6. Provide shoes with socks or shoe cover to visitor.
  7. Disposable garments may be provided to employee whenever required.

First change room (male and female)

  1. Employee working in manufacturing and primary packing area will enter into primary change room.
  2. Changeover of each product uniform shall be change.
  3. Remove first change shoes and keep into the locker.
  4. Sanitize hand with sanitizer.
  5. Cross the COB.
  6. Take your lint free garments like apron, cap from the lockers and wear them are provided by factory Monday or Tuesday or earlier if required.
  7. Wear garments over the previous uniform.
  8. Wear clean brown colored shoes through the locker.
  9. Brown show or additional show cover for visitor.
  10. Through mirror check out your proper gowning.
  11. Sanitize your hand with hand sanitizer.
  12. Then go to respective work place such as dispensing, sampling, granulation, compression, coating, capsule manufacturing, and primary packing.
  13. Wear mask before entry in core area (Manufacturing) and primary packing.

Exit from primary change room

  1. Remove lint free uniform including cap and put them in the lockers.
  2. Remove primary shoes and socks and place on the locker.
  3. Cross over the bench.
  4. Now wear first change shoe.

Exit from first change room

  1. Remove first change room uniform and shoes and keep in the lockers.
  2. Dispose off all disposal garments and shoe cover in the waste bin
  3. After working hours drop factory socks in socks bin which placed in the first change room.
  4. Now wear your street shoes and collect all your belongings.


  1. At the time of entering toilet, remove first change shoes and wear separate footwear which provided by factory.
  2. Coming out of the toilet again wear first change shoes.



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