SOP for Entry and Exit Procedure into Sampling Booth Area


1.0 Objective

To lay down an Entry and exit procedure for personnel into sampling booth area.

2.0 Scope

This procedure is applicable for entry and exit into sampling booth area.

3.0 Responsibility

QC Chemist or above

4.0 Accountability

Head – Quality Control

5.0 Abbreviations and Definitions

SOP                             :            Standard Operating Procedure; a document where step by step instructions                                                       are cited to serve as support for methods or manners of fulfilling a function                                                         or functions reliably and consistently.

QC                              :           Quality Control

SG                               :           Sub General

GMP                           :           Good Manufacturing Practices

GLP                          :           Good Laboratory Practices

6.0 Procedure

     6.1 Entry Procedure into Sampling Booth Area:

6.1.1. Enter into the personnel air lock area.

6.1.2. Take clean secondary gown.

6.1.3. Wear headgear and then wear secondary gown over the Primary gown.

6.1.4. Wear booties.

6.1.5. Sanitize the hands, using disinfectant provided in the change room.

6.1.6. Enter into the Sampling booth area.

6.1.7. Hand gloves shall be used during sampling operation.

    6.2 Exit Procedure from Sampling Booth Area:

6.2.1. Before exit, enter into the change room from sampling booth area and discard the hand gloves in the                 waste bin.

6.2.2. Ensure sampling booth area has been cleaned as per SOP No. QC-SG-012        (SOP on Cleaning of               Sampling Booth Area).

6.2.3. Remove and keep Headgear, booties and secondary gown in the used gown     bin.

6.2.4. Exit through the personnel air lock.

6.2.5. Status of the activity shall be mentioned on status board fixed on outside personnel air lock area as                    per Annexure No. (—–)

7.0 Forms and Records (Annexures)

Activity Status Label                                   –          Annexure -I

8.0 References (if any):

8.1 (SOP on cleaning of sampling booth area

9.0 Distribution

Master copy   –         Quality Assurance

Controlled copies – Personnel & Administration, Quality Assurance, Warehouse RM (display & record).

10.0 History

          Date               Revision Number           Reason for Revision


Annexure-I (Activity Status Label)

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Activity Status

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