What is the Difference Between BOD and Bacteriological Incubator?

In microbiology incubators required for the incubation purpose. Incubators provide specific temperature which is required for the growth of the microorganisms. Bacteria require generally 2-3 days of incubation for growth and fungus require 5-7 days for growth. In microbiology two types of incubators are commonly used.
1.0 BOD (Biological oxygen demand) incubators
2.0 Bacteriological incubators
BOD incubators are used to provide low temperature in range of 20-25°C for the growth of fungus and bacteriological incubators are used to provide temperature range of 30-35°C for the growth of bacteria.The main difference between these two types of incubator is temperature. Bacteriological incubators works at ambient temperature and it contains only heating mechanism. In these bacteriological incubators, if set temperature is in range of 30-35°C then they can only maintain their set temperature if surrounding environment temperature is below or in a range of 30-35°C. If surrounding temperature is higher then the incubator set temperature then there would be rise in display temperature of incubator because of high temperature of surrounding air and that air is used for the circulation in the chamber. Bacteriological incubator has no cooling mechanism to lower the display temperature.  But in case of BOD incubators they also use same air from surrounding environment for circulation in the chamber but they have heating as well as cooling mechanism and they work independent of surrounding temperature. BOD incubators contains heating coils as we as compressor for cooling process. If incubator set at temperature of 20-25°C and surrounding temperature is higher than this set temperature then BOD incubator maintain the set temperature with the help of cooling mechanism and if surrounding temperature is low as compare to set temperature then heating would be generated with the help of heating coils. BOD incubators are also called low temperature incubators. These BOD incubators could be used as bacteriological incubator by changing the incubation set temperature requirements.
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