The Fruit in News – Guava

Guava certainly is the “Fruit in the News”. Besides its much proven health benefits, the fruit is being discussed lately because of its high antioxidant levels. Guava (Psidium guajava L.) has always been a very important fruit crop of India. It has always gained great respect because of its –
raw-guava-chewing-fresh-guava-leaves-can-clear (1)
high nutritive value,
easy availability,
low economic value,
pleasant aroma, and
good flavor.
Guava has the second highest content of vitamin C, next to Amla. It is also very high in the soluble fiber pectin. A guava weighing 100g (approx a medium sized guava) would contain 260mg vitamin C (recommended intake is 40mg per day) and 8.5g of dietary fiber (recommended intake is 25g to 30g per day). Guava is also rich in carotenoids and potassium. The nutrient content of fruit differs with the cultivar, stage of maturity and season. Guava is in the true sense a super food.
Apart from the fruit, guava leaves also have an array of qualities which are healing and curative. Guava leaf is antibacterial in nature. Studies conducted in the past have proven the leaves to be helpful in diabetes. They help regulate blood glucose levels. Guava leaves could also be consumed like any other cooked green leafy vegetable or juice. This would bring nutrition on the platter absolutely free of cost. Read Full Story