SOP on Cleaning of Glass ware for Microbiology


1.0 Objective:

To lay down the procedure for Cleaning of Glass ware for Microbiology.

2.0 Scope:

This SOP is applicable for Cleaning of Glass ware in Microbiology Laboratory of pharmaceuticals formulation plant..

3.0 Responsibility:

Microbiologist or above of Microbiology Laboratory.

Head – Microbiology section / Nominee.

4.0 Accountability:

Head – Quality Control / Nominee.

5.0 Abbreviations:

SOP    : Standard operating procedure

No.      : Number

QC      : Quality Control

QA       : Quality Assurance

IPA      : Isopropyl Alcohol

6.0 Procedure:

6.1 Dispose off any of the remaining corrosive or hazardous material used in the analysis, before giving the glassware for washing.

6.2 Empty the contents of the glassware into the washbasin. Empty any solid residues into the polythene covers for destruction of waste.

6.3 To remove any stains, marking or labeling made with a glass marking pen on the outer surface of the glassware wipe with acetone, scrub it off with a scrubber, and clean with tap water.

6.4 For difficult to clean stains or stubborn material, rinse the glassware with dilute nitric acid and rinse with tap water after 30 minutes of acid treatment.

6.5 Dip the glassware in 70% IPA for 30 minutes.

6.6 Rinse all the glassware with tap water till the solution is washed off completely.

6.7 Finally rinse with sufficient quantity of purified water.

6.8 After rinsing, dry the glassware in the hot air oven at around 85°C – 100°C.

6.9 Autoclave the glassware containing cultures in the vertical autoclave meant for disposal, and then clean as above.

7.0 List of Annexure / Formats:

Not applicable

8.0 References (if any).

Not applicable

9.0       Distribution

7.1   Master Copy                                     : Documentation Cell (Quality Assurance)

7.2   Controlled Copies                            : Quality Assurance, Microbiology-QC

10.0 History

     Date    Revision Number                       Reason for Revision
                       New SOP

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