SOP for Entry and Exit Procedure in Production Area


1.0 Objective

To lay down a procedure for plant entry and exit procedure in production area.

2.0 Scope

This SOP is applicable to all plant employee (Gents) entering from primary change rooms.

3.0 Responsibility

Officers or above – Production & Q.A.


  • Accountability

Production Head.


  • Abbreviations and Definitions

SOP                             :            Standard Operating Procedure; a document where step by step instructions are cited to serve as support for methods or manners of fulfilling a function or functions reliably and consistently.

QA                              :            Quality Assurance.

No.                              :            Number


  • Procedure

 Gowning For Entry

Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter in to the plant.

Swap the card into while entering the change room of production block.

Enter into the Change Room, remove the street foot-wears & keep the street footwear in the shoe locker provided in the change room.

Wear the plant sleepers and enter in the wash area. Wash and dry the hands and enter into the change room.

Take the clean plant uniform consisting of pant, shirt and cap from the linen counter provided in the change room.

Push the door and enter in the primary change room.

Remove the street garments, sleeper and keep in the respective locker.

Step over the bench and wear the plant uniform and another pair of sleeper in the following sequence: –

Wear the cap.

Wear the pant and shirt.

Wear the plant sleeper.

Observe yourself in the mirror and ensure that hair is completely covered under cap and properly gowned.

Sanitized the hands with the Sterillium disinfectant.

Enter the plant corridor through the air lock.

From this corridor proceed to respective floor depending upon the nature of job.

De-gowning For Exit

Warehouse & packing persons enter into the exit change room.

Persons who are involved in manufacturing must come through Air Shower for De-Dusting.

Press the push button of door interlock and enter in to the air lock.

Press the push button of door interlock and enter in to the common change room.

Remove the plant uniform and sleeper and put it in the locker provided.

Dispose the plant uniform in the bin provided for further washing at the end of shift and sleeper kept in locker.

Step over the bench and wear the street clothes from the respective locker.

Push the door and come out from the common change room.

Take out the street footwear from the locker and wear the same.

Deactivate both hands washing with Sterillium.

Use the wash room, wash and dry the hands.

Come out from the plant through plant personnel entry door.



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