SOP for Access Control System, Numbering and Usage



To lay down a procedure for assigning of identification numbers to access control system and usage of the system.


This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to various departments of identification numbers to access control system.


  • Responsibility

Head-User department shall be responsible for sending the request to QA department for authorization of the different personnel’s for entering in their respective areas.

Head-QA/Designee shall be responsible for approving the request as per this SOP.

Head-HRD/Designee to record all authorization given to concerned.

Head-Engineering/Designee shall be responsible for assigning numbers to assess control systems.

Head-IT/Designee shall be responsible for the technical support of the access control to HRD.

Head-Concerned department/designee shall be responsible for receiving the visitors (arriving for particular department job) and there movement within thepremise.

Head-QA/designee shall be responsible for receiving the auditors and there visitinside the plant and providing the access cards (if required).

Head-Quality Assurance shall ensure the implementation and compliance of this SOP.

All users to follow the entry/exit procedure as per this SOP.



  • Accountability
    • Department Head & QA Head shall be accountable for implementation of this SOP.

Abbreviations and Definitions

ID.No.                                     :           Identification Number

SOP                                         :           Standard Operating Procedure

HRD                                       :           Human Resource Department

Access Control System           :           An access control system determines who is allowed to enter                                                             or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when                                                                they are allowed to enter or exit.

HOD                                       :           Head of Department


  • Procedure
    • Request for Permit

Head-User department/Designee shall send the request on annexure-1 to QA for giving the permit to enter in the respective area.

Head-QA/Designee shall review the request and forward the copy of the same to Head-HRD/Designee.

Head-HRD/Designee shall forward the request (after approving) to Head-IT/Designee for technical support.

Head-IT/Designee shall provide the access to concerned personnel’s in their respective working area as per the approved request.

Records of the same shall be kept by HR department.

Access shall be provided to all users on their punch cards.

In case of personnel visiting the plant from other location (within Plant ) for some official work, Head-HRD/designee shall provide the access cards to those personnel with restricted area entry depending upon the classification of work and the area in which there work is allotted.

In case of personnel those are not on company payroll/ contractual basis and are working on the production shop floor or any other location where access is required, access card shall be provided to those personnel by security personnel at the time of entry in the premise and the same shall be deposited back at the same place while exit from company premise.

Security personnel shall give the access card to the personnel, while taking his/her signatures in the entry register along with the access card number (with restricted entry).

Note: – Department Heads of all the concerned departments shall have master card having access to all areas.

Entry/Exit Procedure

While entering or exit form the area, personnel’s have to show their access/punch cards in front of the sensor, until acceptance for the same has been accounted.

If the person has the access, he can open the doors and if the person does not have the access he cannot open the doors.

Numbering System for Access Control System

Each access control unit is divided into two categories

Controller and Locks, each controller unit comprise of four locks.

Number procedure of Controllers, Controller numbers shall start with C01,             C02, C03, C04 and so on.

Lock numbers shall be assigned with unique characters.

Lock numbers shall consist of alpha-numeric characters as “XYY”.

  • “X” denotes respective area.
  • “YY” representing the numbering e.g. 01, 02, 03 and so on.
  • All department codes shall be given in “Annexure-2”.

Precautions during usage of access control cards

In case of any exigency, break the glass of emergency exit release and press—*—.

Do not forcefully try to open the door if you are not authorized to enter in that particular area.

Do not touch the sensor of the access control system with hand or with any other metallic items.

In case of lost/discrepancies in the card immediately inform Department-Head about the same in order to discontinue the authorization in the respective area.

Head-Concerned department/designee shall intimate the same to Head-HRD/Designee for further processing.

All records related to permit of the personnel’s shall be retained by HRD.

New joinees shall be given the master card (having restricted entry to particular areas) on permission of respective HOD on annexure-1, until they got their personal access card.

In case of any type of exigency, Head-IT/designee shall discontinue the access control system so that each individual shall depart from that particular area, also in case if some technical fault arose in the system individual should break the doors with the usage of hammer (provided at critical junctures).

Area wise distribution of controllers and lock is mentioned in annexure-4.

Note:   This is a makeshift arrangement and shall be pertinent for only three month, after three months a complete investigational report shall be prepared by Head-HRD/designee in order to verify the applicability of the system and after the review of verification report SOP shall be revised.

Verification report is based upon the individual movement in a particular area and its tracking within the software.

Forms and Records (Annexures)



Master Copy                              : Documentation Cell (Quality Assurance)

Controlled Copies                      : Production, Quality Control, Engineering, Administration                                                         and Housekeeping, Stores, Human Resource department, Quality Assurance .Reference:   

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