SOP on Disposal of Expired or Obsolete Raw Materials


1.0 Objective

To lay down Procedure for Disposal of Expired or Obsolete Raw Materials.

2.0 Scope

This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable for disposal of expired or obsolete raw material (s) in pharmaceuticals formulation plant.

3.0 Responsibility

3.1 Executive / Head of store (RM) shall be responsible for implementation of the procedure.

3.2 Respective Heads of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Pharma Research, Store (RM) and Materials Management shall be responsible for destruction of expired / obsolete material(s) (and if required, with requirements of other pharmacopoeias) in their area.

3.3 In case of Imported Raw Materials, Head Export will raise a request note to DRA for finalization of expired or obsolete material(s) after correspondence & authorization of destruction with the Drug Controller General (India) / Deputy Drug Controller or Drug Controller Authorities.

3.4 Director, operation & projects shall be responsible for authorization of destruction of expired / obsolete Raw Material(s).

4.0 Abbreviations and Definitions

RM                    :        Raw Material

SOP                    :        Standard Operating Procedure

Obsolete             :        The raw materials which are not intended to be used.

Expired              :        Products beyond shelf life

5.0 Procedure

5.1 If any raw material is obsolete or expired, it shall be quarantined with distinct ‘OBSOLETE’ or ‘EXPIRED’ label by the Store Personnel and shifted to the designated rejected area or in banded store (if under excise).

5.2 In-charge / Head of store (RM) shall raise a note “Material(s) History Report” (Annexure-I), containing description of expired or obsolete material(s).

5.3 “Material(s) History Report” shall be sent to Heads QC, QA and Pharma Research and Export (if applicable), who shall first investigate the cause of expiry / obsolescence then conclude that the mode of the destruction of the expired / obsolete material(s).

5.4 During investigation this shall be evaluated (depending upon the category / nature of RM) that the expired / obsolete raw material(s) required destruction under any pharmacopoeial and / regulatory authorities any Act requirements and the decision shall be taken accordingly.

5.5 Head QA Shall give his final comments on Annexure-I.

5.6 After getting filled and approved annexure-I, by QA Head, details of material(s) for destructions shall be filled in the destruction note (Annexure-2) by Officer / Executive Store (RM).

5.7 Final approval for destruction shall be given by unit Head Operation.

5.8 Head (RM), shall decide the destruction date and shall intimate all concerned Department Heads about the destruction date.

5.9 Proper entries shall be made in raw materials stock register (Annexure-3) by In-charge / Officer RM Store and information shall be sent to excise department to get the entries done in their respective record for the material(s) to be destroyed.

5.10 After counter checking the materials shall be destroyed in the presence of In-charge / Head, Store, QA, QC and counter signed in Annexure-II.

5.11 Method of Destruction

5.11.1 All the expired / obsolete raw materials whether liquid or solid shall be destroyed as the mentioned procedure. Obsolete / expired raw material shall be first dissolved or prepared a slurry in potable water. Destruction shall be done through ETP/ Incinerator.

5.12 The entire packaging component, where the material comes directly in contact with the active pharmaceutical ingredient or excipients shall be sent to scrap yard for further disposal.

Numbering Procedure for destruction

5.13 After completion of investigation and destruction, both “Material History Note” and “Destruction Note” shall be assigned an identical number by officer / executive QA, duly signed and retained in QA department. Both annexure’s shall have identical nine digit number the form EXP XXX/YY or OBS XXX/YY respectively.

EXP                –              Stands for expired Raw Material

OBS                –              Denotes obsolete Raw Material

XXX               –              Serial no. of the Raw Material

YY -Last two digits of the year. i.e. 16 for 2016, 17 for 2017, etc. A new series of note shall be initiated every new year. e.g. A separate series shall be maintained for expired and obsolete raw material. The first report of Destruction for expired material of the year 2016 shall be numbered as EXP001/16 while second report of destruction for obsolete material of the year 2016 shall be numbered as OBS 002/16.

5.14 A copy of both i.e. “Material History Report” and “Destruction Note” shall be issued by Head-QA for Head stores for there reference.

6.0 Forms and records

6.1 Material(s) History Report         –     Annexure-I

6.2 Destruction Note                         –     Annexure-II

6.3 Raw Material Stock Register       –     Annexure-III

7.0 Distribution

7.1 Master Copy – Documentation Cell (Quality Assurance)

7.2 Controlled Copies – Store, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Head Export, Material Managements, R&D (Doc Cell), RA, Production.

8.0 History

     Date    Revision Number                       Reason for Revision
                       New SOP




Material Name                                             :

Division                                                         :

Item Code                                                     :

Supplier Name                                             :

Qty Received & Date                                  :

Qty expired / obsolete                                 :

Qty. in Stock                                                 :

Cause of expiry / obsolescence                :

Value of Material expired / obsolete       :

Expired / obsolete A.R. No.                       :

Invoice No. & Date                                     :

Mode of Destruction                                   :





Pharmaceopoeial / Act / regulatory requirement







MND No. & Date                   :   _______________________            Division                       :   ________________

Material Name                       :   _______________________            Item Code                   :   ________________

Supplier Name                       :   _______________________            Invoice No. & Date   :   ________________

Qty Received & Date            :   _______________________            A.R. No.                       :   ________________

Qty. in Stock                           :   _______________________            Obsolete Qty.              :   ________________

Value of Obsolete Material :   _______________________

Reason of Obsoletion           :   _________________________________________________________________

The above material is not suitable for use, therefore to be destroyed.





Prepared by                                              Verified by                                                        Approved by

(Officer / Executive Stores)                       (Manager : Head, RM Store)                              (Head – Operations)




Proposed date of destruction of material: _______________    Head Stores ___________

    (To be filled by Head Stores)                                                   (Sign/date)



Material destroyed on ___________________________________ in the presence of :


QUALITY CONTROL:      _______________________ (Sign/date)

Store:                               _______________________ (Sign/date)

Security:                        _______________________ (Sign/date)

Quality Assurance: _______________________ (Sign/date)






Head                                          Head,                                      Head                                       Head

Quality Control                  Export (If Applicable)                Pharma Research,                  Quality Assurance