Soon, No More Headaches after Watching 3D Movies

Lifestyle News Desk: Researchers have found that certain 3D movies do have headache-provoking scenes which can be improved upon to give viewers a better experience.
According to a 2011 French portal poll which researched how people feel after watching 3D-movies, only one third of spectators had no trouble watching.
Twenty two per cent complained about worsening condition, 7 per cent suffered terrible headache, and the remaining 11 per cent also noticed a worsening state, though due to some other reasons.
Researchers from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia believe that almost everyone who watched 3D-movies felt discomfort at least once, and many refuse watching 3D because of that problem they once had.
This headache is a brain’s reaction to the ‘wrong’ images coming to both eyes simultaneously. The brain needs to combine them to produce a stereo effect, but unfortunately it does not always succeed, researchers said.
Most of the time brain accustoms to this ‘wrongness’ without even noticing it, but, as statistic shows, that does not happen all the time, they said.