Recording System for U.V. Lamp burning hours



To maintain a record for UV Lamp burning Hours


This Sop can be applicable to all UV like LAF, water system, garment cubicle etc.


User department personnel is responsible to maintain a record

Head of department is responsible to checking of records


Ensure that the U.V lamp provided shall be kept on ON mode for its effectiveness.

All U.V have their meter, installed at their adjacent, burning hour reading shall be take from this meter.

Taken reading shall enter in Log book (sample annexure-I)

Recording intervals is prior fixed and taken after 24 hours intervals.

Replace the U.V. tubes after six months or 4000 burning hours (can be fixed as per described shelf life by vendor).

Sample Annexure

Log book for U.V. Lamp

Equipment name –                                                                               Location-

ID no. –                                                                                                  U.V. lamp installation date-

Date U.V. lamp reading Replacement Date Done by Checked by Verified by


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