Preventive Maintenance of Purified Water (Generation and Distribution) System

1.0 Objective
To lay down a procedure for Preventive Maintenance of Purified Water System (Generation and Distribution).
2.0 Scope
This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable for formulation plant (Company Name).
Make/Capacity and EQ ID No. are as follows:-
Sr. No.             Make                           Capacity                      EQ ID No.
3.0 Responsibility
3.1 The Concerned Technician shall follow the procedure for Preventive Maintenance as per this SOP.
3.2 The Officer/Executive-Engineering shall be responsible for implementation of this procedure as per this SOP.
3.3 Head-Engineering/Designee shall ensure the compliance of this SOP.
4.0 Accountability
5.0 Abbreviations and Definitions
SOP       :  Standard Operating Procedure; a document where step by step instructions are cited to serve as support for methods or manners of fulfilling a function or functions reliably and consistently.
UV         :   Ultra Violet
FRC       :   Filter Regulator and Connector
RO         :   Reverse Osmosis
LPH       :    Liter Per Hour
TC         :    Tri Coupling
6.0 Procedure
6.1 Monthly Schedule
6.1.1 Switch “OFF” the main power supply through MCC and hang the Preventive Maintenance Display Board on the electrical control panel.
6.1.2 Check all pressure switches for proper functioning.
6.1.3 Check and note the reading of hour meters of all UV lamps and change the UV lamp between 7200 hours to 7500 hours.
6.1.4 Clean all S. S. visible part of purified water system by coline and cloth properly.
6.1.5 Checked, all pressure gauges for proper functioning, if not working, replace with same range calibrated gauge.
6.1.6 Clean all panels by vacuum cleaner and duster.
6.1.7 Check all TC joints for leakages, if leakage found change its silicon gasket.
6.1.8 Checked dosing pump, cleaned its suction & discharge pipe with air & water pressure.
6.1.9 Check all indicators change if fused.
6.1.10 Check all electrical connections, MCB, push button & switches for proper functioning. Rectify if required
6.1.11 Check three way valves for smooth functioning, lubricate if required.
6.1.12 Check all diaphragm valves for proper functioning change, if faulty.
6.1.13 Clean the Prefilter and air vent filter if required. Change the Prefilter if pressure gauge shows measure pressure drop upto 2 bar.
6.1.14 Check all pumps for any leakages and smooth operation, rectify if found any abnormality.
6.1.15 Check the all motors for the loose connection and smooth operation and apply grease on the bearing and change the bearing if necessary.
6.1.16 Record all the observations in Preventive Maintenance Checklist (Annexure-I).
6.2 Yearly Schedule
6.2.1 Check all pneumatic valve for proper functioning change if found faulty.
6.2.2 Change the Prefilter and Vent filter with a new filter after every 2 years.
6.2.3 Change MCF filter after every two years or as and when required.
6.2.4 Record all the observations in Preventive Maintenance Checklist (Annexure-I).
7.0 Forms and Records
7.1       Preventive Maintenance Log Sheet    :           Annexure-I
7.2       Spare Parts List                                    :           Annexure II
8.0 References (if any)
9.0 Distribution   
9.1  Master Copy                  :    Documentation Cell (Q.A.)
9.2  Controlled Copies       :    Engineering, Quality Assurance, Production, Stores, Quality Control,                                                          Administration and House keeping
10.0 History           
              Revision Number
                    Reason for Revision
                            New SOP
                                                          PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST
Machine Name:    Purified Water System                                                          Identification No.:
                      (Generation and Distribution)
Date of Maintenance / Cumulative Operating Hours:
Next Due Date / Due at Cumulative Operating Hours:
         Check for
  Not OK
Monthly Schedule
Power Supply
Switch OFF
  P.M. Display Board
Hang On Electrical Panel
UV lamp
Running Hours
S.S. Parts
Pressure Gauges
Functioning and Calibration
TC Joints
Dosing Pump
Cleanness and leakages
Electrical Connection
For Looseness and Over heat
Pre Filter & Vent Filter
Cleanness, Damages
Nut & Bolts
Tightness, Damages
Comments for any repairs etc. (If space is insufficient attach separate sheet for recording)


  Done By                                         Approved By                                                            Approved By
(Sign & Date)                                Engineering Dept.                                                     Concerned Dept.
                                                         (Sign & Date)                                                             (Sign & Date)
                                                                             Spare Parts Used
Name of Machine: Purified water System (Generation and Distribution)           Identification No.:                              
       Part No.


   Done By                                                                                                                        Checked By
(Sign & Date)                                                                                                                  (Sign & Date)
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