Making Father's Day Special for Your Dad

Fathers often complain that they never get as much affection from their children as mothers do. Though this may not be true, it appears so because fathers are usually away at work and mothers end up spending more time with their children. There are of course exceptions to this rule. And Father’s Day which falls on 19th June this year offers you the perfect chance to warmly wish your father and thank him for everything he has done for you.
Kimatni-Fit-FatherMake it a point to remind your father of how much you love him on this day. Even if it is just a hug or a card, use this opportunity to wish your dad. Doing this is important because fathers usually do not get much appreciation for their role in a family. Quite a lot of fathers have trouble with displaying affection for their family. But this does not mean you should not freely express how much you care for him.
Father’s Day in India 
Father’s Day in other countries is quite popular as it gives the family a fine opportunity to gather and spend quality time together. Many media publications focus on the event and have Father’s Day specials. Father’s Day commonly falls on the third Sunday of June in most countries.
In recent years, celebrating Father’s Day has picked up popularity in India too. Though Father’s Day in India is not as popular as conventional festivals like Diwali or Christmas, people have realized that celebrating the role of a father is essential too. A lot of establishments offer you unique ways to celebrate Father’s Day, by offering gift packages, special offers, customized gifts, themed parties, etc.
Your father is special: Health and wellness tips for your dad
Your father is busy most of the times, thanks to his demanding job and tiresome schedule. He may take out some time to maintain his car or new I-pod, but hardly finds time to take care of himself.
This Father`s Day, grab the opportunity to tell your dad how much he means to you by suggesting him a few health tips so that he can enjoy many more Father`s Day with you.
Here are a few health tips for your father that he can indulge in to keep himself healthy:
Family time
A family is happy when not just father, but both parents spend quality time with kids. A father can discuss kids` studies, their day-to-day problems or may be just sit in front of TV and enjoy a movie together with that butter popcorn.
Indulge in hobby
Taking some time out to indulge in your favourite hobby is a great idea. If your father is a greedy reader, he can read and ponder over spiritual articles to reconnect with his very existence or he can listen to his favourite music, do gardening or any hobby that he likes.
Meditation is indeed a great idea to maintain emotional wellbeing and manage one`s personal attitude about life. Ask your dad to meditate, say for about 15-20 minutes a day as this will keep him emotionally strong.
Quit smoking and alcohol
On this Father’s Day, make sure to persuade your dad to let go of his unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking(if he has any) as it is surely not a getaway from life`s pressures. Life is indeed very beautiful and stress free if one is with his family – healthy and alive.
Stress management
We all know that people with job stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are at higher risk of diseases like diabetes, coronary diseases etc so it is necessary to manage stress levels. The idea is that a little stress is inevitable, but it should be managed. Don’t let it harm your father’s health.
Health check-up
Encourage your dad to get his health screened on regular basis to keep diseases like blood pressure and diabetes at bay.
Spending Time with Him 
Fathers do not usually spend as much time with their children as mothers do. But there are always genuine reasons for this. Fathers do not like to be away from their families but work constraints, family responsibilities etc. keep them away. So Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend quality time with your dad and create some special moments.
He would highly appreciate it if you spent the day with him indulging in some activities. You could spend time exploring his hobbies but you could also introduce him to some of your own hobbies or interests. Other than this, you could also take him and the rest of your family for a pleasant dinner or picnic.
These are the many ways in which you can make your father’s day special. But remember that the best way to express your love for your dad is by making him feel special all year round.
 Lead by example so your child becomes the example!