Irregular Periods and weight gain is Symptoms of Thyroid


Butter fly shaped thyroid gland is situated in the anterior neck. It secrets the two main thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and  T4 (thyroxine). Both hormones regulate the metabolism, body temperature and heart beat. Some time thyroid gland do not work properly and secretion of hormone may low (Hyprothyroidism) and high (Hyperthyroidism). It is due to auto-immune disorder. This problem may be observe both men and women. But now a day mostly case observed of Hyprothyroidism.

To avoid any problem you should aware the symptoms of hormone secretion deficiency or excess.


Impact on thinking

Weight fluctuation


Excess Sweat

Wrinkles on face

Impact on thinking

This hormone affects the thinking ability. When the secretion is less in body, than person feels tiredness. After proper sleep and diet patient suffers fatigue. When increase the hormone level than patient suffers from shivering.
Impact on Thinking
Why weight is fluctuate?

When we get proper diet and there is rapid weight fluctuation that indicates thyroid symptoms. When decrease the hormone secretion than basal metabolic rate (BMR) will less. Due to this body intake more energy and result is weight gain. When secretion increases then the body weight decreases.
Abnormal Mensuration Cycle in Women

In Women enhances many problem due to deficiency of thyroid hormone. Mainly, irregular mensuration period and more bleeding.
Mensuration cycle

Thyroid hormone effects on the brain, therefore less secretion creates forgetting problem. Due to increase in secretion of this hormone generally patients suffers from less patience, depression and loss of attention.
Fell warmth and cold

Thyroid hormone control the body temperature. When less hormone secretion then body temperature will be low and patient feels hot and vice-versa.
Required Attention

Lower the secretion of thyroid hormone leads to constipation. Other problem may occurs like wrinkles on face and body dryness. If this problem create in childhood than it negative impact on height of the child.
Take medicine
Timely Treatment

If ignored the problem, that will increase the cholesterol levels and can lead to heart problem. Other problems may be osteoporosis and infertility in women. General lumps can also be cancer. Hormone level can measure by blood test, after which it is easy to control with medicines.