Internet Sex Addiction Symptoms

Internet has many benefits for its users as it provides information about everything. However, internet has several bad effects as well, and internet sex is one of these. When a person uses internet to satisfy his sexual desires, it leads to internet addiction.


Anyone can become addicted on the internet as no people are more internet savvy. Internet gives people freedom to enjoy virtual sex anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it has become a major problem nowadays. Cybersex allows people to experience sexual fantasies anonymously in an affordable way.
Listed below are a few symptoms of sex addiction
  • People who are addicted to internet sex spend hours seeing sexually explicit content. They feel a craving to watch such content.
  • Such people remain busy in online sex talks and online sexual activity while forgetting the importance of time and don not even care about the place. This kind of behaviour affects their work and family life.
  • Internet sex addicted people always engage themselves in online sex chats. For them, it’s a way to enjoy sexual fantasy.
  • Sex is always on the minds of such people.
  • People, who are obsessively addicted to internet sex, feel a lack of physical intimacy and pleasure in their real life. They start comparing their real life with their virtual sex life, which makes them feel unsatisfied.
  • They behave in an annoying and irritating manner if not able to access internet. For them it’s like a medication without which they cannot be normal.
  • A feeling of guilt always persists in them, but they can’t control their urge to have sex on internet.
  • They spend money on x-rated internet websites to watch explicit sexual content.
  • Internet sex addicts get defensive when others tell them that they are spending long hours on the internet. They always fear of getting caught and this makes them sceptic.
  • Due to spending so much of their time on the internet, they sever intimate ties with family and friends. They feel alone and ignored and consider internet as their only companion. They share their sexual views and fantasies on the internet.
Internet sexual addiction is a major problem for modern day society. Mostly it’s the children who get addicted to such issues, and this has a negative impact on their  current life and future. If you are one of them, the best way to deal with such addiction is to share your problem with someone who is closer to you. By proper counselling it can be treated completely.