Infidelity: Increasing the Graph of Young Cheater


Now infidelity is not mid-life crisis because younger people are beginning to start cheating their partner.

Infidelity has long been classified as a mid-life crises driving bored husband and wives to gravitate towards a cheating_2sexual and emotional relationship outside marriage. But recent studies proves that the no of young cheating husbands and wives are increasing.

A survey by David Atkins of the University of Washington, Center for the study for Health and Risk Behaviors are proving it. According to this survey the number of young cheating husbands (under 30 years) increased by 45% and the number of young cheating wives (under 30 years) increased by 20% between year 1991 and 2006.

In the US, the concept that marital short comings prompted affairs was challenged by a psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Pittman in the 1980s in his best-selling book, “Private Lies: Infidelity and the Betrayal of Intimacy.”

According to Dr. Pittman, men are afraid of intimacy and “infidelity is primarily an escape from intimacy.”

According to marriage counselors the reason for current rise in infidelity are-

  •  Sex between married couple too routine and predictable
  • Men seek extramarital affairs for sexual reason while women indulge in them for emotional reason.
  • “Me first” philosophy and the kind of “If it feels good, do it” attitude that is propagated in modern times is used to justify Infidelity in some quarters.
  • One or both partners’ obsession with work.
  • Internet is a hotbed for infidelity.
  • Sexual addiction also cited as an important reason for infidelity.
  • Married women having an affairs is usually break down of emotional bonds in a marriage.

Several articles all over the world claim that women have affair due to not receiving enough attention at home.