In-Process Checks (Stage – Dry Syrup Packing)


In -Process Checks (Stage – Dry Syrup Packing)

1. In case of In-process during stage of packing weight check is very important, following are the procedure for the same:

•Collect one bottle at half hourly interval.
•Check weight of powder filled in each bottle and record on the BMR.
•Discard the powder used for weight checking.
•No bottle should contain weight less than the label claim and more than the target fill weight + 2%.
•If the weight is found to be outside the limits check weight from further 10 bottles at random from the bottles collected during the preceding half an hour.
•If the weight of the powder is found outside the limit, set aside the bottles filled during the previous ½ hour for recovery.
•Adjust the machine.
•Check weight of 10 bottles and continue filling.

2. Temperature & Relative Humidity (RH) in dry syrup area play, very much important role:

•Check Temperature & RH at least 4 to 6 times a shift and record on the BMR.
•The RH should not be more than 40%.
•In case if it exceeds 40% stop filling operation.
•Check dehumidifier functioning and start filling only after getting the required RH in the area.

3. Random checks:

•Select at least 10% of the total number of shippers packed.
•Open the shippers and draw at least 10% of the total packed bottles from each shipper.
•Examine each outer carton/bottles for general condition, correctness the name of the product, overprinted matter on the label/carton.
•Record the defects found in the shipper and unit pack in the Random Checking.

4. Random visual check on filled bottles:

•Collect 50 filled and inspected bottles at random from the quantity filled during preceding 2 hour.
•Subject each bottle for visual examination and check for the defects.
•Record the sample quantity, quantity good and rejected if any on the BMR.
•If any rejects are found re-check the total quantity filled furring the preceding 2 hours.