Homeschooled Kids Sleep Better Than Others


Sleep is essential for every child. Sleep is recharge brain and helpful for properly devolve mind and body. But these days due to packed schedule (its during school hours or after their school activates) child can not sleep properly.

Adequately sleep good for health, sleep deprivation in kids may cause of reduction of attention span and mental alert.

A Study published in Journal Behavioral sleep medicine indicates that students who are homeschooled get more hours of sleep as compression to kids who attend private or public school.


According to National Sleep Foundation early school start time interfere with healthy sleep. This may be especially true among teenagers, who circadian rhythms (Biological Clock) may shift towards latter waking times

The Research team studied on the sleep patterns of 2,612 student. In these participant 500 kids was home-schooled. This study result showed that home-schooled kids slept on an average about  90 minutes more in the compression of those who attend regular school. Children who attend the school outside the home awake early enough to reach in class an average of 18 minutes before homeschooled children awaked.

In this study the result shows that overall as high as 55% homeschooled kids sleep adequately each week as compared to 24% of children’s who attend school outside. Insufficient sleep group during the study week was 16% homeschooled kids compared to 44% of kids attending the school outside the home.

The national sleep foundation recommended the number of sleeping hour per night is as following :

Children (6-13 yrs.)                     9-11 hours

Teenagers (14-17 yrs.)              8-10 hours

Young Adults (18-25 yrs.)           7-9 hours

Healthier sleeping tips for children

  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule
  • Don’t give to children caffeine product late in the evening such as Coffee, tea, cola, ice etc.
  • Keep the children bedroom free of TV, Computers, Video games, Laptops
  • Don’t forget to give warm good-night hug and big kiss to your little one, every night!

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