Handling of Break Down Maintenance



To define a procedure for Handling of Break Down Maintenance.


This SOP is applicable for break down of any equipment.


  • Engineering personnel will attend the break down maintenance.
  • Engineering Supervisor/technician will maintained the document
  • Concern department personnel will check the machine equipment after completion the breakdown maintenance.



  • Any breakdown in the equipment the, concerned department will inform the engineering dept. through as by filing a requisition in which a detail shall be mentioned
  • Head engineering shall depute their personnel to that concerned place.
  • Engineering staff shall take permission from the concern dept. before starting the maintenance.
  • Before starting the work “UNDER MAINTENANCE” tag should be hanged on the m/c when it is in breakdown.
  • Engineering staff will rectify the defect and in case if external source is required then the same should be communicated.
  • If rectification / servicing is done by an external agency, the concerned engineer of section will check and certify that the job has been done properly.
  • If during maintenance any part of the equipment is found damaged/deteriorated the same should be replaced and should be reflected in equipment history card.
  • After completion of break down maintenance concern department supervisor will check the Equipment for smooth operation.
  • After completion of break down maintenance concern department supervisor will update the equipment history card for concern equipment or machine.
  • Satisfaction regarding break down handling shall be given in same requisition by doing signature of related department.


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