Flashes Light will ally Jet Lag


Jet lag is the changes of circadian rhythm in body. It is a Chronobiological problem. When body clock (Circadian rhythm) out of synchronization with the destination time due to travelling different time zones. In simple language upset the natural pattern of body (eating, sleeping, and hormone regulation, body temperature variation) is called jet lag.


When travelling west to east as body can adjust better if going to back time zone than going forward.
Circadian rhythm variation increase risk of obesity, Cancer (due to mutation of circadian genes like DNA damage repair, Apoptosis, Immune functions & Energy homeostasis), headache, drowsiness, forgetfulness. A research published in book “method for preventing jet lag using flashes of light” that light flashes will ally jet lag and associated health condition.
According to this book when light is flashed the cells of retina will activate. It will transmit signals to circadian system to continue fire even after light switched off. Light flashes will stimulate to compression of continuous light.
In a study flashing light is better in the compression of continuous exposure to bright light. Light flashed intervention 10 second/hour is more effective. If people travelling from east to west then light flashes should be deliver at the end of night.
In future researcher are working to develop an App that will trigger the flashes light at right time to prevent jet lag.