Female Sexual Dysfunction

Persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm or pain-that distress you or strain your relationship with your partner — are known medically as female sexual dysfunction. Many women experience problems with sexual function at some point.
Women experience problems with sexual function at some point in their lives. Sexual dysfunction is quite common affecting almost 30-50% of women globally.
Sexual activity incorporates interpersonal relationships, each partner bringing unique attitudes, needs and responses into the coupling. A breakdown in any of these areas may lead to sexual dysfunction. This can be a lifelong problem, or it can happen later in life.
Female sexual dysfunction may be due to a number of causes. Traumatic injury to the genitals or pelvic region, surgical intervention, extensive bike riding, underlying medical conditions, hormonal imbalance, and medications can cause sexual dysfunction.
The American Psychological Association (APA) classifies female sexual problems as-
Mental disorder – loss of sexual desire or arousal
Diminished blood flow to the vagina
Discomfort during intercourse
Inability to achieve orgasm
Trauma-related aversion to sex
Almost all causes of sexual dysfunction are treatable. Communicating the concerns and understanding ones’ body and its normal response to sexual activity are important steps toward gaining sexual satisfaction.