Drain Point Cleaning & Sanitization


Drain Point Cleaning & Sanitization

The cleaning procedure for drains present at different areas of the premises shall be done:

  • Daily
  • Weekly

Daily Cleaning

  • Flush the drains with the water .
  • Clean with hard broom and collect any debris if present in to a poly bag and put in to a dustbin and send to scrap yard.
  • Sprinkle Bleaching powder and keep for 15 min followed by flushing with water.
  • Pour disinfectant solution prepared as per the schedule Concentration and Preparation of Disinfectants
  • Clean the Hard broom and brush after drains cleaning.

Weekly cleaning

  • Remove the covers from manholes and remove the accumulated debris if any.
  • Sprinkle bleaching Powder and keep for 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the sides of the drain and drain cover by using a hard brush
  • Flush with plenty of water.
  • Clean the adjacent walls of the drain by using water.
  • Replace the man hole covers and wipe the surroundings to ensure that the area is free from accumulated debris.
  • Replace the lids of the drainage in case of damage.
  • Clean all the brooms, hard brush, dust pan etc. after cleaning of drains
  • Drainage present in the washing room of processing area shall be subjected to bio burden Monitoring every 4 months.

Disinfection For Oral section

  • Clean the drain point with purified water and remove the accumulated dust.
  • Pour sufficient water in the drain point.
  • Prepare the disinfectant solution as per as specified SOP.
  • Measure the 500 ml duly prepared disinfectant solution.
  • Pour the measure disinfectant solution in each drain point at the end of the shift, this activity shall be record in the log book.
  • Disinfectant should be changed weekly as per the specified schedule.
  • Drain point to be sanitized with 10% sodium hypo chloride solution once a week.
  • Measure 500 ml of prepared solution and pour the solutions in each drain point.

Disinfection In Sterile Section

  • The drain covering mesh shall be cleaned by wire brush.
  • If water clogging takes place, the mesh shall be opened and the drains are cleaned by wire brush.
  • Drain the disinfectant solution daily through each drain point (approximately 1Ltr. / drain).
  • Close the drain by the mesh & cover.
  • Record the details of cleaning and sanitization of drain.

E.g. for disinfectant schedule(As follows disinfectant schedule can be fixed by following disinfectant validation): General Disinfectants used for the cleaning are:

  1. Dettol.
  2. Lizol.
  3. Phenyl

Disinfectants used are rotated at weekly in order to reduce the chances of developing resistance by the microbial organisms.