Different Storage Conditions in Pharmaceuticals

According to the pharmaceutical drug material different storage conditions are required to maintain their quality. Some chemicals and solutions in quality control and media in microbiology section are required to store in specific condition.
Storage Condition
Room Temperature                         
20° to 25°
Cool Storage Condition
8° to 15°
Cold Storage condition
2° to 8°
Fridge Storage condition
-4° to 2°
Most of the pharmaceutical activities are done at room temperature (20° to 25°C) in pharmaceuticals example: Excipients and APIs in warehouse and all controlled sample are stored room temperature.
Which drug substances degraded at room temperature those are stored cool storage condition (8° to 15°C).


Cold storage condition decrease the rate of chemical reaction and microbial growth. Highly degradable drug, vitamins and chemicals are stored at cold storage condition (2° to 8°C).
Reference standards, HPLC and GC standards, vitamin standards solution, limit test standards in quality control are stored at cold temperature condition. Reference cultures in microbiology laboratory are stored cold storage conditions. Some culture media are also required to store at this temperature. It helps to maintain them for a long period by slowing down their vegetative growth.
Culture suspension prepared in normal saline retains living microorganism for one week if stored at cold temperature storage condition.