Defects of Tablets during Compression



Appearance Defects
1. Capping:- ‘Capping’ is the term used, when the upper or lower segment of the tablet separates horizontally, either partially or completely from the main body of a tablet and comes off as a cap, during ejection from the tablet press, or during subsequent handling.
2. Lamination / Laminating:- ‘Lamination’ is the separation of a tablet into two or more distinct horizontal layers.tabletcapping
3. Sticking/filming: ‘ Sticking’ refers to the tablet material adhering to the die wall. Filming is a slow form of sticking and is largely due to excess moisture in the granulation.
4. Cracking:-  Small fine cracks observed on the upper and lower center surface of the tablets, or very rarely on the side wall are referred to as cracks.
5. Chipping:- ‘ Chipping’ is defined as the breaking of tablet edges, while the tablet leaves the press or during subsequent handling and coating operation.tabletschipping
6. Mottling:‘ Mottling’ is the term used to describe an unequal distribution of colour on a tablet.

Double Impression: ‘ Double impression’ involves only those punches,which have a monogram or other engraving on them.