Dating Sites are Spreading HIV !


Dating Sites are spreading HIV
Dating is the part of human matting process. Internet dating sites are fables mediator to find the healthy relationship. Dating sites are growing because it is most efficient trend to choose of host for qualified person. These sites advices users to caution after that a new study is not in indicate good result.
State wide conducted study included the most of the people which newly diagnosed with HIV. The study authors Amy Nunn, Dr. Nicol Alexander and Dr. Philip Chan are working with the Miriam Hospital, Brown University and the Rhode Department of health. The main aim of study was to inspire the companies’ partnership against HIV.
According to this study dating website and app is the main reason behind new HIV infected men in US.
It observe that as high as 60% of men from Rhode Island who have sex men (MSM) in year 2013 and were diagnosed HIV. It found that online sexual partner was the main reason behind the virus contraction. The study report was published in the journal Public health reports.
The study author’s suggestion to online dating service provider companies should connect various public health group and advise the user about HIV, other sexual transmitted disease.