Chocolate in Modest Quantities Makes Smarter

When we listen the CHOCOLATE word than mouth is watering. Now Do not wait, eat chocolate in modest quantities. A good news for “chocolatarian” that they are smarter in compression of others. We are not saying that but Researchers Says. A study Publish in Journal Appetite on 9 Feb 2016.
Many more Study held on the chocolate in previous e.g. effect on obesity, cardiovascular effect,
Encourage Sleep, breast milk production, treat childhood diarrhea, and reduce fever. But Not Stud of chocolate about cognitive performance.
Maine Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS) to determine the cognitive performance of the chocolate. In this study researchers investigate the effect of chocolate on neurocognition and behavior.
In this study researchers involved 968 participant age of 23-98. In which men and women were involved. Women ate chocolate more frequently than men.
In this study observed that which intake chocolate weekly had higher LDL Cholesterol and lower glucose level in the comparison of which consume rarely and never.
Participants who ate chocolate on weekly had lower hypertension and type 2 diabetes.
Analyzed that by researcher’s the cognitive score had higher in those who had chocolate at least once per week in the comparison of who intake never or rarely. Hence Study proves that regular ate of chocolate increase the cognitive function. 
Reduce Heart Stroke:
Britain Scientists filled out questionaries’ nearly 21000 people about their lifestyle and he had monitored their health above up 11 years. Average chocolate consumption of participant was 7 gram not none out of 100 gm. Scientists observe that in the comparison of top bottom fifth chocolate eaters Top fifth of chocolate eaters were 12% less likely to develop heart disease and 23% less likely to suffer a stroke. In this study most participant’s intake milk chocolate, not dark chocolate.
The scientist reviewed other study involving more than 13000 people and found that intake modest quantities of chocolate reduces heart disease and stroke.
Dark Chocolate May Protect Against Pancreatic Cancer:
A study published in the British journal of cancer says Foods like dark chocolate, which are high in magnesium, can dramatically reduce the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
In this study more than 66000 men and women of the ages of 50-76 was involved. In this study was observed direct link between magnesium and pancreatic cancer. Researchers found that taking magnesium supplements played a role modifying pancreatic cancer.
Eat Chocolate to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes