Movie "Umeed" Based on Pharmaceuticals & Drug Trials in India, Releasing on 22nd September


Nowadays reality is one of the trending things in Bollywood. Biopic and reality are the most coveted themes in the industry right now. It is interesting as well.

India’s first medical thriller trailer ‘Umeed’ was launched.

One of the most awaited movies based on real-life stories is Umeed. It is a film which is based on the Indian International Pharma companies and medical trials. The movie show victim of unethical drug trials by foreign pharmaceuticals directed by Rajat S Mukherjee. The film has been given an entertaining screenplay, and for the first time, a movie would get the dark truth of multinational pharmaceutical companies, Indian politics, media and fashion industry, and the nexus between all.

A famous Dioluge of the movie is “Hamaare bachchon ki jaan, Ek Samose ke daam……

Umeed is selected to release on 22 September 2017, Watch Movie Trailer