Big Poll : Are you a virgin? Bihar hospital asks employees


Triggering a controversy, a government-run hospital here has asked its employees to declare their virginity in a marital status declaration form.

A column in a form issued by Patna’s reputed Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences for its staff has controversy written all over it. A ‘marital declaration’ form issued by the IGIMS has a column where new employees are required to state whether they are bachelors or widowers.

While that may seem innocuous, the third option comes as quite a shocker. For, the institute also asks of its employees to state whether they are ‘virgin’.

“I……Declare as under,” the declaration form begins, and adds in the second column: “That I am a bachelor/widower/virgin.”

IGIMS Medical Superintendent Manish Mandal said the form is according to prescribed rules, which are made by the government and Constitution. If they change the word, we will change it.

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