12 Zika Virus Cases Registered in Germany in May 2016

Zika has so far been detected in about 60 countries. Particularly affected are countries in Central and South America. Zika is mainly spread by mosquito bites. The World Health Organization, however, said Zika is also sexually transferable.
In the May month since authorities introduced a compulsory registration for people infected with the Zika virus 12 cases have been recorded, local media report.
“We assume that all those who are infected got the virus while on a trip abroad,” a spokesperson for the Robert Koch Institute told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ).
The number of officially registered Zika cases in Germany has risen to 56 since October 2015. However, a reporting requirement has been only in force since May 1, 2016, Xinhua reported.
A spokeswoman of the Robert Koch Institute, an organization responsible for disease control and prevention, said, “We believe that each of these patients has been infected while traveling.”
There may be a significant number of unreported cases in Germany, since the course of the infection can run mildly and affected persons often do not go to the doctor, she said.


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