Sanitization procedure for chemical section of Quality Control Laboratory


Daily Cleaning and Sanitization

Use following Sanitizer/ Disinfectants

  • Savlon (User Dilution) 5.0% v/v : Dilution of Savlon : Add 50ml Savlon to 950ml Purified water.
  • Isopropyl alcohol (User Dilution) 70% v/v : Dilution:  Add 700ml Isopropyl alcohol to 300ml purified water
  • Dettol (User Dilution) 5.0% v/v : Dilution: Add 50ml Dettol to 950 ml Purified Water.
  • Oasis 146 Multi Quat Sanitizer (User Dilution) 0.25% v/v: Add 2.5ml Oasis 146 to 997.5 ml Purified Water
  • Incidin Rapid (User Dilution) 0.25% v/v: Add 2.5 ml Incidin Rapid to 997.5ml Purified Water.
  • Germitol (User Dilution) 0.5% v/v: Add 5ml Germitol to 995ml Purified Water.

Use the following Items for cleaning purpose:

Rubber mopper

Lint free dusters

Vaccum cleaner

Nylon brush

Sponge mopper

Rubber wiper


  • Before start of the shift, floor is swept using a Vacuum cleaner.
  • Floor is swabbed with rubber mop using water containing 5% solution of Dettol/ Savlon or 0.25% Solution of Oasis 146/ Incidin rapid or 0.5% solution of germitol and wiped dry with a cotton mop.
  • All waste bins are emptied out in a large polybag which in turn is emptied out in the scrap

Weekly Sanitization and Cleaning

  • All the cupboards, racks, furniture and air conditioner vents are cleaned with moist cloth followed by dry clean lint free cloth.
  • All reagent bottles are cleaned from outside using a dry clean lint free cloth.
  • Drains are cleaned weekly using 5 % solution of Dettol /Savlon or 0.25% solution Of Oasis 146/ Incidin Rapid or 0.5% solution of germitol.
  • Sprinkle 5% solution of Dettol /Savlon or 0.25% solution of Oasis 146 / Incidin Rapid or 0.5% solution of germitol on the floor, wall, and laminar air flow tops.
  • The furniture windows and other equipments are wiped with 70% IPA (Iso propyl alcohol).
  • The footwear used are disinfected by dipping them into 5% Dettol/ Savlon Solution or 0.25% solution of Oasis 146/ incidin Rapid or 0.5% solution of Germitol for 10 minutes, then the footwear are removed, wiped  dry with  dry Clean lint free duster and on the shoe rack provided in the respective area.

        Note: Rotate the Disinfectant and Sanitization after every two days alternatively for daily cleaning.

Never use Black phenyl solution for floor cleaning.


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