Quality Vs Quantity: A Never Ending Debate!!

The real question weighing on almost every one who is in the business of manufacturing and sales or at least should be is about what is the better, quality of products or the quantity produced? This debate is on going now and for years to come. It seems to be picking up some momentum even in the non regulatory (commodity products) manufacturing areas as well. Even these companies are also thinking more seriously about making better quality products to beat the competitions around the globe, but is there a clear definitive answer to this question?


The answer to this question is very simple …NO! There are several conferences are being held around the globe on these issues and several panel discussions are being held during these conferences on discussions with respect to the burning issues on quality that impacts the quantity. How many companies in the manufacturing segments of pharmaceuticals are really serious about the quality Vs quantity aspects? If they were too concerned then there would not have been too many recalls every year around the world, especially there are several recalls occurred in last couple of months from the American market! Why? What could be the potential reason is it bad quality which is related to negligence on the cGMP or what?
One could always argue that they have to produce the materials and they do not want to lose customers due late market arrival. This could be an argument related to quantity but at what cost? Is really the factor of less is more applicable over here? These could be arguments with respect to quantity. On the other hand people could argue on the other end of the spectrum for quality. If a brand name company produces a larger amount of materials with poor quality how does it helps them in retaining their customers and the market stakes? How long can they sustain in that pool of early to reach market? It is sensuously known that the people who are buying medicines or to that respect any cosmeceuticals/nutraceutical products are conscious about their health and could potentially give a second thought while purchasing something else manufactured by the same brand company.
These debates will go on and on for several years from now until there is a complete revive in the mind sets of manufacturers that quality and quantity are the two aspects on the weighing scale where one less could disturb the balance of the other and potentially result into significant losses to either side by anyone’s mistakes/negligence.




Written by:
Prasad Panzade, Ph.D.
Director Analytical R&D , Product Development Solid dosage
Waterloo, Iowa Area


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