Isolator- A Brief Introduction



Isolator word, itself stating the meaning, that something to be isolate.

In pharmaceuticals, The Isolator has designed to provide an isolate environment in existing area that can give the effects of different classification when differentiated by a barrier.

Isolator used to maintain a Grade “A” environment or to safety from hazardous.

Isolators are designed as required.


This is a Fixed Type; It is equipped with Air Handling Units, required type of valves for material transfer, Glove Ports to access and work, and WIP & CIP system, Sensor. The Isolator chamber is constructed from SS 316 L materials.

Required pressure either positive or negative shall maintain inside the isolator. The Control System of the unit will monitor. In case of containment breach, the unit will give alarm.

Its have its own classification, a large use of isolator is in oncology plant.


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