Hand Washing Technique in Pharmaceutical


Hand washing is an important step which is to be followed before entering into the manufacturing and processing area of any food and Pharmaceutical company. Hand washing facility is generally inspected during any regulatory inspection or customer audit.

In many of the manufacturing unit the supervisors/workers or operators are unable to understand the procedure in english, therefore it shall be written in their local language.

Below is the procedure given for hand washing. Target audience are supervisors/workers and operators of the manufacturing unit in food and pharma companies

  1. Wet the hands with water.  अपने  हाथो  को  पानी  से  गीला करें
  2. Take some liquid soap on the palm.   तरलसाबुन को अपनी हथेली पर ले
  3. Make lather of the soap by rubbing palm together. दोनोंहथेलियों को आपस में रगड़ कर झाग बनायें
  4. Rub your hands as below step wise:  अपनेहाथो को इस प्रकार रग

      4.1 Both the palms together / दोनों हथेलिओं को आपस में रगड़े

      4.2 Rub back of each hand with the other palm  / एक हथेली से दुसरे हाथ के ऊपर के हिस्से को  रगड़िए

    4.3 Interlace finger and rub together as below.         / दोनों हाथों की उंगलिओं को नीचे बनी  आकृति  की तरह मिला कर आपस में रगड़ें

    4.4 Curl the back of the finger into one palm then the other.  / एक हाथ की उंगलिओं को मोड़ कर दुसरे हाथ की हथेली को रगड़ें

     4.5 Hold thumb and rotate with both hands / एक हाथ के अंगूठे को दुसरे हाथ से पकड़ें और घुमाए

  1. Wash the hands with plenty of water. / फिरपानी से अपनी हाथ को अच्छी तरह से धोएं
  2. Dry the hand with the help of Dryer./ ड्रायरकी मदद से अपनी हाथों को सुखाएं
  3. The above process will be done every time when the workers are entering in the process area./

ऊपर दिया हुआ तरीका एम्प्लोयी को जब भी वह प्रोसेस एरिया में जाये फॉलो करना है I

As per 21 CFR 110.37 (e)

Hand washing facilities shall be adequate and convenient and be furnished with running water at a suitable temperature.

Compliance may be accomplished by providing ;

a) Hand washing facilities and where appropriate hand sanitizing facilities at each location in the plant where good sanitary practices require employees to wash and/or sanitize their hand.

b) effective hand cleaning and sanitizing preparations.

c) Sanitary towel service or suitable drying devices.

d) Devices or fixtures, such as water control valves, so designed and constructed to protect against re-contamination of clean, sanitized hands.

e) Readily understandable signs directing employees handling unprotected food, unprotected food packaging materials, of food contact surfaces to wash and where appropriate, sanitize their hands before they start work, after each absence from post of duty, and when their hands may have become soiled or contaminated. These signs may be posted in the processing room(s) and in all other areas where employees may handle such food, material, surfaces.

f) Refuse receptacles that are constructed and maintained in a manner that protects against contamination of food.

g) Rubbish and offal disposal. Rubbish and any offal shall be so conveyed, stored and disposed of as to minimize the development of odor, minimize the protection for the waste becoming an attractant and harborage or breeding place for pests, and protect against contamination of food, food contact surfaces, water supply and ground surfaces.



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