Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy: Dr Kafeel Khan No Hero? A Big Fraud??


Dr Kafeel Khan, who until a night ago was being hailed as a hero for saving lives at Gorakhpur's BRD Medical College on August 11-12, now stands accused of stealing oxygen cylinders from the hospital and financial irregularities.

A day after he was reported as saving many encephalitis-affected children, he was accused of fabricating stories in the media to show himself as a saviour of children, medical college sources said.

Khan runs a 50-bed hospital for children, Medispring Hospital and Research Centre in Gorakhpur, under the ownership of his wife Dr Shabista Khan, a dentist.

Why Was Dr. Khan Hailed as a ‘Hero’?

As the news of Khan’s ‘heroism’ broke, social media went into overdrive, with praises for the doctor.

Kafeel Khan: Fraud or Scapegoat?

What we know: Sunday witnessed Twitterati ‘digging’ into Khan’s past.

Some Twitter users cited some old Hindi articles, alleging that Khan had been accused of rape in the past.


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