Epoxy Flooring and it's Benefits in Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceuticals floor needs to be free from allergens and dust. Epoxy acts as a concrete floor sealant. They are safe and easy to clean, preventing microbial growth.

Designing of the facility in pharmaceutical products is really cumbersome as every single material is chosen according to the types of products being manufactured. Among all, floor coating is one of the important aspect that need special attention. There are many different types of floor coatings available but EPOXY coating is the most widely favored in Pharmaceutical Industry due to it’s excellent properties.

Before discussing the benefits of epoxy coating it is necessary to understand the chemistry related to it.

What is EPOXY? 

  • Molecule with more than one epoxy group which can be hardened into a usable plastic.

epoxy Epoxy Group

  • These are polymer materials that begin life as liquid and are converted into solid polymers by the chemical reaction.
  • It actually represents a class of materials and how these materials are used.
  • It consist of three components:


Once the epoxy resin is reacted with the hardener and mixed with filler it produces a rigid material that lasts for a long time. The thickness of this material produces a layer sufficient to produce a smooth coating having high strength.

Chemical Reaction:


This epoxy resin when reacted with hardener (Example: diamine) produces a crosslinked structure like below:


It is required to have a hard wearing, high gloss, and durable surface for your pharmaceutical structure, Epoxy flooring offers a wide range of benefits from installation to maintenance. Due to it’s reliability and dependability epoxy coating is relied upon by many manufacturing industries. Following are the benefits that make it first choice among many manufacturers.

  1. Makes surface easy to clean:  Epoxy coating makes the surface smooth due to which dust can be easily wiped from the floors.
  2. Durability: Concrete floors with epoxy coating are abrasion resistant and protective against wear and tear which is mostly in pharmaceutical industry due to heavy machinery.
  3. Strength: Through chemical reaction epoxy resin is converted into solid plastic material which is rigid and prevents chemical breakdown.
  4. Aesthetic: It provides the surface with a glossy shine which is very attractive. Also it is available in different colors and patterns that makes it more favorable among different coatings.
  5. Chemically Resistant:  In Pharmaceutical Industry it is really important that floor should be chemically resistant as wide range of corrosive chemicals are utilized. Hence this type of floor coating is must.
  6. Improves the safety: As it is slip free, impact, heat and fire resistant it is widely accepted due to it’s contribution in the safety factor which is one of the major concerns.
  7. Used as boundary markers: It is a benefit with epoxy coatings that is possible to use different colors at the same time to define different areas. Hence work zones, risk zones, security zones can be well distinguished by using these types of flooring.
  8. Time saving: They are easy to install hence it is quick option for most of the Pharmaceutical Industries which works on the motto of saving time.
  9. Low maintenance: It is a bit costly to install it first but once done it is no longer porous once sealed and do not even fade.
  10. Brightness: As epoxy coating has a glossy shine it improves the lightening in the facility due to the reflection from the surface.

Tiny crevices in the usual flooring tend to have small pockets of the favorable environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. Bacterial gr is further supported by the relative difficulty in cleaning these areas. This limitation of conventional flooring is eliminated with the seamless and crevic option of epoxy flooring. Therefore, not only is this easy to clean and maintain but also helps to maintain a sterile environment.


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